Saturday, May 2, 2015

2 Big Autism Myths

There are plenty of myths about autism out there but here are the two I most often encounter:

1) People with autism can't be touched. There are plenty of people with autism who do not like to be touched. But this turns into the problem of imposing an experience with one person with autism on another. We have two children with autism. They are extremely affectionate and huggy. They thrive on the pressure of a really deep hug. They both like their backs rubbed. If anything, they are not discriminate enough in physical touch. Basically, people with autism are like everyone else, some like and some don't.

2) People with autism have special gifts. There are people with autism who are savants but most are not. I often get asked what our children's "special power" is. Sorry to disappoint you but they don't memorize the phonebook and they don't count cards. They are not musical prodigies either. It is really neat to see savants but do not assume that all people with autism of these gifts.

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