Friday, July 15, 2016

The Other Side of Being an Autism Dad

Bedard Family
I won't deny that there are difficulties that go along with being the parents of children with autism. We have had quite a few crisis moments over the years. The fact that both our children now live in a group home tells you that it is not easy.

Sometimes we only hear the hard stories. But I want to say that it is not all bad. We have some awfully fun times. When our children come for a visit, my heart beats a little faster, not out of panic but out of joy. The hugs they give me when they arrive melt away my stress. Little things like going for Tim Horton's run for tea and donuts are enjoyable activity when my kids are with me. Just being around them fills me with joy and puts a smile on my face.

I do not want to discount the challenges that families with autism face. But we should not be pitied. It is not 24/7 of terrible times. To be honest, there are many times when Logan and Abby are less stressful than our neurotypical children. So be aware that I am good with being an autism dad and autism not able to rob our family of joy.

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