Saturday, March 14, 2015

Autism and the Church: How to make a difference

I recently had the opportunity to write a post for Christian Week. While I am thankful for the chance to write for them, the occasion for the article was very unfortunate. The post was born out of our son running away from his group home. We really feared that we had lost him this time. It was a horrible experience. But out of that came this post where I try to offer some practical suggestions for keeping children with autism safe.

Here is a preview of the post:

“Your son with autism has gone missing.”

 Our 13-year-old son lives in a group home, is non-verbal and is on the severe end of the autism spectrum. We had seen enough news stories with unhappy endings to know it was time to panic.

When we arrived at the group home, the street was lined with police cars and news trucks. Neither the group home nor the police had any idea where he was.

You can read the rest of the Christian Week post here.

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