Sunday, March 15, 2015

The One Thing

If you read this blog, I assume that you have some interest in making your church autism-friendly. There are all sorts of steps that should be taken, but if you had to do only one thing, what should it be?

dirty look
Image by pixaby
Ban "stink-eye" therapy.

You know what I mean. A person with a disability, adult or child, makes a sound during a worship service and people in the congregation give the individual a dirty look.

Besides being totally inappropriate, what do people think this will achieve? Do they think the dirty look will make the child or adult be quieter? Do they think they are informing the parent or caregiver that a sound was just made? I promise you that they are very much aware.

The dirty look will only make families feel uncomfortable or unwelcome. It may even increase the stress level, causing the person to be louder.

If you do only one thing, get rid of the stink-eye.

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